404 Here's One of the Best Ways to Hire a Top Prenup Lawyer

Here’s One of the Best Ways to Hire a Top Prenup Lawyer

More and more people are hiring a prenup lawyer these days.  Given the high divorce statistics as well as second and third marriages – people are deciding that preserving their incomes and wealth is important.  After all, there is nothing like a divorce to hack away at the wealth you’ve earned.

The trouble with hiring a prenup lawyer in the traditional legal-service model is the time and expense.  Top divorce lawyers who prepare prenuptial agreements charge a lot of money.  It can also take a fair amount of time to finalize your prenuptial agreement.

The fact is you don’t have to be on the Forbes 400 richest in order for it to be a good idea to get a prenuptial agreement.  These days, people earning in the low six figures – or even less and well below a million dollars in assets are getting prenuptial agreements.  The reason is not so much the amount of money one has, but the amount of money in relation to their significant other.

In other words, if you have or earn significantly more than your significant other, then you want to protect your portion if the marriage ends.  This is the key reason to get a prenup agreement.

It seems to me another reason more and more people are getting prenuptial agreements is they are now more readily available for less money.  This is due to the Internet.  Legal services are now widely offered and provided over the Internet.  This is a very cost-effective and time-saving way to get quality legal services.

Prenuptial agreements are one such service.  Because the finished product is a document, it’s a perfect fit for online delivery.  You simply answer some questions and then your prenuptial agreement is completed and then reviewed by a prenup lawyer with the service.

Which service prepares great prenuptial agreements?

One of the largest online legal service providers is LegalZoom.  There are dozens of online legal service providers, but most offer a very narrow scope of services.  LegalZoom, on the other hand, offers a huge variety of legal services.  I call LegalZoom the online legal service provider giant – not only because they offer a diverse set of legal services, but also due the fact they’ve now served over 1 million people.

Because LegalZoom is so huge and is one of the most popular legal service providers, they get a sufficient amount of legal work so that they can employ or contract with lawyers who focus in each specific area of law.  Prenuptial agreement service included.  This means when you get a prenuptial agreement prepared through LegalZoom, you’re dealing with a prenup lawyer that does this frequently.  This means the lawyer is well-versed in specifically preparing prenuptial agreements.

The fact is few divorce lawyers do only prenuptial agreements.  Those that do cater to incredibly wealthy people who have very specific and complex needs.  However, most people’s prenup requirements are not complex at all and don’t require an insanely expensive prenup lawyer.  Besides, finding a prenup lawyer that does that work exclusively is not so easy.

If you’re looking to simply preserve your wealth in the event your marriage ends, then consider saving time, hassle, and money by using a top prenup lawyer through LegalZoom.